Current Projects

Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution Training (September 2023)

Building a healthy workplace environment through better management of organizational diversity and team conflict within the workforce by training participants in conflict resolution skills grounded in emotional intelligence.

Harbinger Encounter Project (2022-2023)

Partnership to aid and increase the capacity to address public conversation around Muslims and the West, in American and international public policy and media circles. 

Past Projects


A workshop on electoral dynamics in Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and South Sudan


Oneblue as a Community Solutions Fellows program host organization. Sponsored by IREX, US Department of State


A workshop examining dynamics of the many factions in the conflict in Syria


A workshop exploring Iran's nuclear aspirations 

The Abdel Kader Education Project 

Partnership to develop a project centered around the namesake of the American city of El Kader (Iowa), Abdel Kader Al Jazaeri known for his just leadership in the face of colonialism. 


Partnership with Slimpeace to host workshops promoting health and interfaith dialogue among Arab and Israeli women

Peace and Stability Operations Training and Education Workshop (PSOTEW)

Assisting the US Army in addressing challenges and best practices to improve civilian and military teaming efforts in the realm of stability and peace operations training.